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Guidepoint uses a state-of-the-art computer module that's equipped with a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver, wireless data modem and vehicle interface component that allows us to "talk and listen to the car." Each unit's unique electronic serial number-similar to a cell phone number-allows information to be sent back and forth between the vehicle and Guidepoint's Response Center over a nationwide wireless network.

How Do I Get Guidepoint?
Find a new or pre-owned dealer, which offers Guidepoint, near you.

How Do I Activate Guidepoint?
Get activation instructions for your new Guidepoint unit here.
Browse the available service plans in advance here.

How Do I Use Guidepoint?
Download the Guidepoint owners manual
View a Guidepoint demonstration

What If My Vehicle Is Stolen ?
If your vehicle is stolen, call 1-877-GPS-FIND.We'll locate your vehicle and work with law enforcement to track and recover your vehicle. Most recoveries are made within 2 hours.

Guidepoint Technology


At Guidepoint Systems we strive to provide the total driving solution, from upgrading your service plan to purchasing special services. We hope your GPS visit is simple and fun.

It’s a digital world – and your car is no exception. That’s why Guidepoint and Cingular® have introduced the industry’s first all-digital system for stolen vehicle recovery, driver safety / convenience and fleet management. With the new digital Guidepoint, you’ll get faster, more reliable service throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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"Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognize Guidepoint's ability to grow consistently, year after year, with the 2007 Best Bang for the Buck of the Year Award in stolen vehicle tracking systems,” said Frost & Sullivan’s Sathyanarayana K, research analyst. “We attribute this success to the company's service orientation, the positive relationships that it has built with dealers and distributors, and the unique hardware/software package that it offers to end-users."

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